Bay Search and Rescue in Action

We told you earlier this year about our two-year sponsorship agreement with Bay Search and Rescue in Morecambe. We have donated a Toyota Hilux to the team which they were so impressed with that they bought another for their fleet with money raised through their local charity shops. These vehicles have been adapted to be able to carry out the specific requirements of the Bay Search and Rescue team.

We have been eagerly following the work of the team over the last few months and have been able to see how valuable these vehicles have been to the team on a number of occasions.

The tides around Morecambe Bay are particularly dangerous, the speed that the sea covers the sand is unbelievable and it is very easy for people to become trapped. In addition to the phenomenal speed that the tides can change in Morecambe people can also be faced with quicksand’s, draining rivers and shifting channels which lead to it being a very unpredictable Bay. The importance of the emergency services to help keep this area safe cannot be measured and Bay Search and Rescue, which operates as a charity with a team of unpaid volunteers, is a key resource in keeping people safe in the area.

On the late May bank holiday, we saw the team really put to the test in an emergency situation. Four people had become trapped in quicksand in Arnside and the tide was fast approaching.

Bay Search and Rescue said on their Facebook page:

   “"One of our 4x4 mobile units was on patrol and arrived within minutes, with two other units following on and the Hagglund at Arnside preparing to deploy”

The Arnside & South Lakes Coastguard Rescue Team and Furness Coastguard team, who were training localy, had already managed to rescue two of the stranded party. From there a joint operation was carried out with the Coastguard teams and Bay Search and Rescue, with Fire Police and Ambulance also in attendance.

   “"A good result and a very fast joint response from everyone involved with lots of assets available should the situation have deteriorated. The tide had completely filled the area as we were packing up!"

This was one of the closest rescue missions that they had participated in, the people being rescued with mere minutes to spare. We are so happy to hear that the rescue mission was successful and that all involved are now safe and well. Well done to all of the teams involved, we’re so proud to be able to support this important work. 


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